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Unique Beautiful Hawaiian Blue Opal Stingray Necklace, Sterling Silver Blue Opal Sting Ray Pendant, N8377 Birthday Valentine Mom Gift

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Sting Ray Charm, Sting Ray Pendant, Sting Ray Necklace, Silver Sting Ray, Birthday Anniversary Mom Mother Wife Gift, Beach Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Width: 28 mm
Pendant Height: 33 mm
Sterling Silver Chain Included
This necklace arrives in a beautiful gift box.
Model #: N8377

Blue Opal
We included blue opal inlay in many of our Hawaiian inspired jewelry collection. The color of the opal jewelry changes depending on the angle of its light reflection. When the opal is rotated, the color shifts between the light sky blue and the sparkling clear ocean blue.

Sting Ray
Sting rays are deep divers of the sea. Their unique body shape helps them glide through the open ocean. Ancient Hawaiian highly regarded these creatures and made them one of their Guardian Spirits. Sting rays were believed to symbolize gracefulness and wisdom.