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Unique Beautiful Hawaiian 3D Hula Dancer Earring, Sterling Silver Yellow-Gold Plated 3D Hula Girl Dangle Earring, E4411 Birthday Mom Gift

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925 Sterling Silver
Earring Measurement: 6 mm X 18 mm
This earring arrives in a beautiful gift box.
Model #: E4411

Hula Dancers (Mea Hula)
Hula Dancing is one of Hawaii's oldest traditions. The hula dancers perform this beautiful visual artform to share the story of a chant (oli) or song (mele). In ancient Hawaii, both men and women performed hula. Hula Dancers remind you of the aloha spirit and the wonderful memories you have from your trip to Hawaii.

The Hula Dancer is a 3-Dimensional charm with moveable skirt and legs. As you move, the hula dancer dances for you.